I cannot sleep right now.

Normally, I am a very good sleeper. I just got home from getting a new puppy for my girls from a farm in Amish country and it’s sleeping in my lap right now. The gentleman who sold it to me drove a horse and buggy, had a beautiful farm, and eight (+/-) sons. I was able to spend the afternoon in a brewery nearby that was started by my two good friends, and their beer is the best I have tasted in a long time (I recently quit drinking but of course had to taste two of their finest out of politeness).

Maybe also I cannot sleep because my favorite crypt0 project is having insane price action; and that I’m wondering how it is the 18th largest token by market capitalization, yet such a conspicuously small amount of blockchain “influencers” are taking it seriously or discussing it at reasonable length.

The discussion on “crypt0 Twitter” currently revolves around a “conspiracy theory” about $XRP (coin started by Ripple) being pursued by the SEC as an unruly security with intent to smoke the price so that the “banker boyz” can get in cheap before it becomes the global reserve currency in January 2021.

The ironic part of it all is that an extremely intelligent 1% of society is already arguing over what will replace the USD as the go-to benchmark for global trade, and very few people realize the gravity of such discussions ensuing. If you have already realized these things, you probably understand there is an absurd amount of opportunity to play your cards right and get ahead far more quickly than the average NPC who is buying shares in S&P index ETFs or stock in already bankrupt companies on Robinhood.

If you find yourself doing well in the crypt0z, maybe consider diversifying into $PHYS, which represents shares of physical gold stored in the Royal Canadian Mint, which will likely outperform the USD over the next decade. Either that or if you want to take it one step further, skip the $PHYS and go for the $PSLV, which are shares backed by physical silver, given gold is ~80 times more expensive and per the CEO of the largest pure silver miner in the (world?), $AG’s Keith Neumeyer claims silver only comes out of the ground around 8:1 relative to gold and has way more industrial applications. Given these things, this USD price ratio of the two metals has to close over time based on economics of supply and demand. Even further yet, why not invest in an ETF comprised of junior silver miners, $SILJ.

Likewise, silver has had a great year. If you have done well in that commodity, consider trimming some profits and buying some crypt0 currency such as “ol’ grandpa” $BTC by following paths of smart people such as Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy or Russell Okung of the Carolina Panthers. If you want a better coin, instead of banking on a slow, expensive coin that will increasingly rely on the network effect to keep it propped up, dump some silver exposure into $THETA, $TFUEL, $DGB, $ZIL, and/or $XTZ — some of the best blockchain projects out there.

Take $THETA, for example. They just deployed Turing complete smart contracts (DEX and NFTs soon?) that can literally copy/paste $ETH smart contract code to a faster and lower fee blockchain that also has a killer application of creating a mesh network on top of the centralized Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure that we have today. This technology will enable our global bandwidth to “work smarter, not harder.” What if one could watch a virtual reality live stream of a favorite sports team playing a game from the 50 yard line in 16k resolution, all the while earning $TFUEL tokens to offset their monthly internet bill in return for sharing your bandwidth with peers on your internet service provider’s network? The point is, this token could help make 1+1=3 for internet data flow.

Anyway, I’m just saying we are in exciting times. Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!


Big Dog

Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice or advice of any kind. Please do the opposite of what I say. Keep your USD in your checking accounts. RIP Harambe